WHere the money Goes

Research is expensive expensive.

In order to get large federal research grants, you need to have preliminary research data. But, in order to get preliminary data, you have to have money to fund that early work. Money from the Howard J. Cohen Bladder Cancer Foundation acts as see capital – an investment in the future of bladder cancer research.

Human Derived Cell Lines

In honor of the work done by HJCBCF his research has been given the acronym CoCaB which stands for COhen CAncer of the Bladder human derived cell line.

In this research bladder cancer is removed from individuals and grown in a research lab to provide a tool for the future study of bladder cancer. These CoCaB lines can allow for finding and testing new therapies. This research is focused on rare variants of bladder cancer and metastatic bladder cancer tissue as these are most challenging to treat with little data on how best to treat them.

Rapid Tissue Acquisition

RTA is an incredible program possible because of the generosity of those patients and families that have lost their battle with bladder cancer.

The University of Washington Department of Urology has been utilizing RTA for prostate cancer for over 20 years. Now, we are moving this program to include bladder cancer as well. Individuals who are dying of their bladder cancer agree to have an autopsy performed within hours of passing. Then our team of physicians and researchers is on call for RTAs when they come available.

From this procedure researchers are able to obtain metastatic bladder cancer tissue which otherwise would be very difficult to collect and study.
Metastatic bladder cancer is not typically removed surgicallly, and biopsies of the tumor sites yield very small samples for study.

Through an RTA, large quantities of bladder tumor tissue can be obtained. This unique type of program is only available at a handful of sites across the country. We are presently working to better understand the mechanisms of bladder cancer spread, and resistance to chemotherapy by studying these samples.

Each RTA costs approximately $10,000. The Howard J Cohen Bladder Cancer Foundation is helping to fund these RTAs and the research that comes as a result. It is truly a remarkable program and partnership that exists because of the incredible generosity of those facing bladder cancer today.

This is how we make a difference.

Changing the game

Only through studying metastatic bladder cancer specimens can we identify targets for therapy and drug testing in the appropriate preclinical models

This is what can lead to new therapies in clinical trials. Additionally, having sufficient specimens that can be shared with different research groups will have a greater impact as no one group will cure this disease, but together we can. Your support of the Howard J. Cohen Bladder Cancer Foundation goes directly to this research and has an impact that will echo around the world. Together we can change the game.