Who We Are

The Howard J Cohen Bladder Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2014.

Founded by a bladder cancer survivor and in direct partnership with the University of Washington Medical Center- a national leader in medical research- HJCBCF is one of only two organizations nation-wide giving attention to this disease.

Why We’re Here

Although bladder cancer is the 4th most common cancer in men, it is the 23rd in funding. The purpose of our foundation is to raise awareness, share the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and raise money for Bladder Cancer research.

What We Do

As mentioned in our mission statement above, the HJCBCF is oriented around three pillars of action- awareness, education, and fundraising.

Without knowledge that bladder cancer exists and is drastically underfunded, nothing will change. Without understanding the power of lifestyle and diet in their treatment, bladder cancer fighters will suffer more and succeed less.

And without funding for new research, procedures will continue to be painful and less effective than advanced treatments for more recognized diseases.

This is how we make a difference.


Raised since 2014


Goal to reach by
End of 2017.


Goal to reach by
End of 2020.


Rounds of RTA
Research completed


Making a difference for any cause is so much more than dollars. It isn’t money that changes the world it’s people. Despite the fact that bladder cancer the 4th most common cancer in men, very few people are aware it exists. The result is not only underfunded research, but most importantly it is red flags being ignored and higher instances of death caused by the disease. We can change this.

One of the many ways we raise awareness is by holding events- such as our annual golf tournament- where people come together, building relationships and generating a buzz that will echo into their day to day lives.

If all we did was spark a conversation between neighbors about the realities of bladder cancer, we would call that making a difference.


Education is important for three reasons-
prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Understanding the early warning signs of bladder cancer will help men (and women) get to the doctor sooner to stop the disease before it becomes a bigger problem.

Knowledge of the impact a healthy lifestyle can have both in prevention and in treatment is crucial. It’s so easy to focus on the drugs, taking a passive approach to healing, while ignoring the power we have over our health through diet, exercise, and a positive attitude! For the founder of HJCBCF these three things were as important , if not moreso, in overcoming bladder cancer than the drugs were.

The old saying holds true- knowledge is power.


The treatment offered today for bladder cancer is the same one offered twenty years ago. For some reason, despite being the 9th most common cancer in the world and the 4th most common in men, this disease has gotten very little attention over the last twenty years, and as a result very little research has been done to advance our understanding and treatments of this cancer.

There is a new wave in cancer research that is promising but requires more funding for its application to bladder cancer. The method is call RTA, or rapid tissue acquisition. Individuals who will not survive their cancer consent to be autopsied within hours of their passing, which allows researches to obtain metastatic cancer tissue that offers far more data than a simple biopsy can. Each RTA costs approximately $10,000, and provide promise for the future of bladder cancer treatments.