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Know the facts on bladder cancer,
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Know the facts on bladder cancer,
follow the latest research,
& stay up to date with the foundation!

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Know the facts on bladder cancer,
follow the latest research,
& stay up to date with the foundation!



The purpose of our foundation is to raise awareness, share the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and raise money for Bladder Cancer research.

The Howard J. Cohen Bladder Cancer Foundation was founded in September of 2014 by Howard J. Cohen, just one year after he was diagnosed with the disease.

For Howard it was a winning fight, but through the experience he witnessed firsthand the lack of global awareness there has been for bladder cancer, the undervaluing of a healthy lifestyle and

plant-based diet in combating the disease, and lastly the dire lack of funding there has been towards the advancement of bladder cancer treatments.

Without research there have been no new advancements in the treatment of bladder cancer in the last 20 years, and the current treatment is as invasive as it is outdated.

If you see blood in your urine…GO TO THE DOCTOR!


Diagnosed Yearly  Worldwide


Five Percent of allnew cases in the U.S.


Fourth Most common  Cancer In Men


Times more likelyFor Men Than Women


Smoking is the number one Risk Factor


New Drugs CreatedIn the last 20 years

Get Involved!

It’s not about how much you give, it’s that you give.

There are literally hundreds of ways to support our cause, more than we’ve even dreamed up yet, but nothing is more powerful in raising awareness than your participation.

When people gather around a cause there is an indefinable synergy that catalyzes change as people connect, network, and show their support for families, survivors, and fighters.

Additionally- the icing on the cake- these events help us to raise the money needed for the advancement of bladdder cancer treatements through cutting edge research.

Don’t underestiimate the power of just showing up. No offering or involvement is to little. Every tiny choice we make echoes around the world. Make some noise for bladder cancer awareness and research at our next event!

Upcoming Events

have fun making a difference!




Awareness Golf Tournament

The HJCBCF is holding it’s 7th Annual Golf Tournament at The Washington National Golf Club in Auburn, WA with a 1:30 PM tee off. The registration fee is $125 including green fees, cart rental and dinner. The golf tournament is our largest fundraiser each year. This event is an opportunity to show support by the community through a fund game of golf, have a chance to win some great prizes from many area contributors and, most importantly, break bread over dinner while learning the latest in research and development from the University of Washington’s Urology Department medical staff. Come be part of this exciting event. For sponsorship details please click HERE. To register for the event click HERE.

The Washington National Golf Club

Bladder Cancer Boxer Bowl

The Annual Boxer Bowl benefitting HJCBCF is a fun event for friends, supporters and anyone interested in bowling. It is an after hours private event with music and light show. We have lots of raffle prizes, bowling and costume awards. We are thankful to the staff at Palm Springs Lanes and look forward to growing this event yearly. If you ever feel like you want to bowl in your underwear, this is the event. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding The Annual Boxer Bowl dates.

Palm Springs, CA

Blades For Bladders

Blades for Bladders was event started to celebrate the yearly anniversary of Gino's Barbershop in Palm Springs, CA. Rather than throw an anniversary party, why not raise money for HJCBCF. Gino fills the day with as many clients as possible in a 12hr period. All haircuts are free and monies earned are donated directly to HJCBCF. The day is ended with a cocktail reception open to all friends and supporters of HJCBCF, where there is an open bar for all to enjoy, converse and meet new friends.

Palm Springs, CA

Future Events

  • Miniature Golf
  • Bowling Tournament
  • Intimate Dinner w/ Chef Niels Brisbane
  • 5K Walk For Awareness
  • Major Raffle

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Meet Our 'Doctor In Residence'

Jonathan L. Wright, MD

Jonathan and Howard came together when Howard was first diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2013. Howard went to him for consultation and Jonathan has been his physician ever since, walking with him on his journey as a cancer survivor, and partnering with him in his work to change the game in bladder cancer research and awareness.

“I’m humbled to be part of the HJCBC Foundation, to see how one man can turn an event in his life into a passion for the future. It’s incredible and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Top Story In Bladder Cancer Research

Predicting Treatment Response To Chemotherapy.

June 9, 2017

Half of patients receiving chemotherapy for bladder cancer will fail to respond.  Predicting those most likely to respond can better direct patients to surgery or clinical trials. Using bladder tumor specimens from those undergoing either surgery or autopsy, molecular signatures will be defined and tested to predict response to standard chemotherapy.  Theses tissue samples were collected as a result of the HJC Bladder Cancer Foundation Funding

Read Full Article

Keep Up On The Latest Research

  • Miniature Golf, dogs and cheese
  • Bowling Tournament, and
  • Intimate Dinner w/ Chef, and
  • 5K Walk For Awareness, no you
  • Major Raffle, whafer thin